3 Reasons to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

If you live in Liberty County, Pennsylvania, you might want to consider selling your home without a realtor. In fact, it can save you thousands of dollars! However, it is not without its challenges. Here are 3 reasons why selling your home without a realtor could benefit you:

Selling a home without a realtor can save you thousands of dollars

If you want to sell your home in Liberty County without hiring a real estate agent, there are some things you can do yourself. You can call the listing agents on your own, but it’s best to use a buyer’s agent. These agents are trained to achieve your desired results. It’s important to trust your buyer’s agent to get the job done right. Tell your current agent about your interest in a property, and allow them to contact the listing agent for you.

FSBO homes sell for between five to 26 percent less than agented homes. You risk mispricing your home, which could lead to a lower purchase price. The Data Center’s study shows that home sellers have a hard time determining the right listing price. Buying a home with a higher price is usually a better option for a FSBO seller.

Planning an open house

If you’re selling your home in Liberty County, Texas, you should plan an open house to showcase your listing and to attract buyers. Last month, Liberty County experienced a Sellers Housing Market, meaning that home prices were higher and homes were selling faster. However, this doesn’t mean that buyers can’t get a deal, either. A recent report shows that 50.6% of homes in Liberty County sold for less than their asking price.

Plan to have a number of showings during your open house, as this will help to get more traffic and create a competitive bidding war. You can place your listing sheets near the front entrance, along with brochures describing your home’s amenities and features. Make sure to leave a few extra parking spaces available in case anyone should find it difficult to park. Providing parking for prospective buyers is essential for generating more leads.

Pre-sale home inspection

Although a pre-sale home inspection is not required for selling your Liberty County home, it offers numerous benefits. Home sales involve stress, uncertainty, and other negative factors, but by gathering accurate information about a home, you can minimize the amount of time and energy you spend on the process. Performing a pre-sale inspection will help you make sure the buyer doesn’t discover hidden flaws or problems during the process.

A pre-sale inspection provides a more thorough picture of the home’s condition than a buyer’s inspection can. A pre-sale inspection also enables you to address any potential buyer’s concerns and ensure that the information you provide is the most useful during contract negotiations. In addition, it can give you peace of mind as you prepare to make an offer.

Working with a top seller’s agent

If you’re looking to sell your home in Liberty County, working with a top seller’s agent can make all the difference. Top agents sell homes for 1.9x more money than the average agent, help 80% more buyers buy new homes, and move homes 1.5x faster. Top agents are also 2.4x more productive, earning their clients an extra $21,966 per sale.

Van Deventer Realtors is the most renowned real estate brokerage in Liberty County. Founded over 60 years ago, they’ve been dedicated to providing exceptional service for buyers and sellers. They are dedicated to fulfilling their clients’ dreams of owning their own property and serve both Hardin County and Liberty County. Angela also volunteers her time to several community organizations, including Child Protective Services and the Pals of the Pound organization.

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