Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home

There are four times of the year that sell homes faster than others. These are the winter months, spring, and summer. Listed homes are priced lower to attract buyers and may even be listed at below market value. This is an excellent time to negotiate concessions to increase the value of your home. Winter is generally the best time to sell a home because of the high number of buyers. Spring and summer are the next two most popular selling seasons.


In the winter, the competition for homes is low, so you’ll be one of the only ones on the market. Fewer homes mean less competition for motivated buyers, so your home will get more attention. Because there are less homes to choose from, your agent will spend more time negotiating on your behalf. Also, because winter months bring cooler temperatures, your yard will have more curb appeal, so potential buyers will be drawn to it.

Low inventory levels will encourage higher prices for your home. Buyers will be more interested in energy efficiency, and the cold weather will highlight these qualities. This is also the time of year when buyers’ fears of rising mortgage rates will make them willing to pay a higher price upfront. But the holiday season can also be challenging, which makes winter the best time to sell your home. In addition to a lower market, cold weather will make your home more attractive to buyers.


If you want to make a quick buck selling your home, you should list your property during the fall. Buyers are looking for a change of scenery and may have paused their home search until school starts or the holidays are over. In addition, many motivated buyers want to close the property deal before the new year. Here are some tips on selling your property during the fall:

Spring: The weather in spring is much warmer and there is ample landscaping to showcase. However, spring can be challenging for those selling a fixer-upper home. Springtime brings high competition in the housing market, which results in higher selling prices and bidding wars. However, there are many selling opportunities during the spring and summer seasons. Listed homes in these seasons have higher chances of selling and attract more potential buyers.


There are many advantages to selling your home in the spring. For one, the tax refund period occurs in late winter or early spring, so more people are outside viewing houses. That means there is less competition and you can get your home sold faster. In addition, buyers who are moving during the spring have plenty of time to complete the move, and they will be settled in before the holiday season begins. Selling your home in the spring is the best way to get the most money for your house.

Autumn is another good time to sell your home. Fall offers softer lighting, milder temperatures, and lovely weather foliage. And if you want to move before the holidays, you can take advantage of the tax breaks in the autumn. The fall is also a popular time to sell a home, and you can avoid the holiday rush of the holiday season. You can also get your home sold before Thanksgiving or Christmas.


While it’s true that the spring and fall are popular times to sell your home, the summer is when homes sell for top dollar. Buyers are typically more serious and interested in closing a deal before school begins and before the third quarter crunch, which precedes the fall holidays. Additionally, the days are longer in the summer, making it easier for potential buyers to see your home in the evening. These factors all combine to make summer the best time of year to sell your home.

The cold weather may inhibit potential buyers from touring your house. During the winter, fewer homes are listed, and the competition is higher. Also, the cold weather can reveal unexpected problems in the home, so your home could be less appealing to buyers. Winter can be challenging for sellers as they have to heat every room of the house. In addition, winter sales can be slow and can result in low-ball offers.

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