Five Tips For Getting the Most Money When Selling Your Home

Smart buyers and sellers share the same goal: getting the most money for the biggest investment they make. That means getting top dollar for the property and selling it quickly, both of which are the main goals of savvy home sellers. To achieve those goals, they work with a real estate agent in Chambers County to help them sell their home at the highest possible price. Here are five tips for selling your home at the highest possible price:

Get a real estate agent to help you

If you’re planning to sell your house in Chambers County, Alabama, you should know that it is one of the fastest growing counties in the country. This fast-growing area has more than 33,800 residents and 13,769 households. The average temperature in the county is 68°F in January and 91°F in July. The county is home to Baytown, Anahuac, Beach City, Mont Belvieu, Old River-Winfree, and more.

Price your home right from the start

The price of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see when it is listed. In fact, the first two weeks of a home listing generate the highest interest. In order to make the most of the opportunity, price your home appropriately. In other words, give yourself very little wiggle room to negotiate with the buyer. Consider deducting your broker’s commission and other expenses from the sale proceeds. This can be a tricky exercise, but there are some things you should consider to make sure you’re setting a fair price.

Control costs

There are many different expenses that can come up when selling a home, from preparing it for sale to moving fees. Listed below are a few common expenses associated with selling a home. These expenses can add up to thousands of dollars. This list will give you a good idea of how much they might total. You can then control the costs that you incur by carefully estimating the expenses associated with each.

Get an inspection

Before you list your home for sale, it is always wise to get an inspection. This way, potential buyers know what they’re getting into. Home inspectors must disclose any problems to buyers. But they can be a bit of a turnoff if the inspector is too clumsy or too eager. In such cases, you may want to give the inspector a cell phone number and take him to lunch. If you do not want to be an eager host, you can even get the inspector to come back later to fix problems.

Set a fair but competitive price

Setting a fair but competitive price when selling your house is vital for selling your property in Chambers County. In general, the average home in Chambers County is worth $88,400, while the national average is $137,200. Moreover, a home in Chambers County is less expensive than the national median, with a gross median rent of $715 versus $1,023 nationally. Therefore, you must decide on a fair price before you list your home for sale.

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