How Do You Win a Cash Offer on a House?

How Do You Win a Cash Offer on a House?

Cash buyers want to avoid contingencies. They want the home to be theirs after closing and are not interested in overseeing any repairs. While your cash buyer might have an advantage, you can still work to overcome the problems that your competitor may have. Use a trusted mortgage lender to secure the financing and make your offer easy for the seller to accept. Try to hide the fact that you have lost several offers on houses.


Cash offers on a house are hard to beat. They’re convenient and hassle-free, but they don’t always win. To help you get a cash offer, follow these tips. You might be surprised at how well cash can work for you in the real estate market. By using cash to your advantage, you can stand out from other buyers in a competitive bidding war. Read on to find out more.

Homie Cash

You’ve heard all the horror stories, but how do you win a cash offer on a house? If you’re facing an all-cash offer, here are some tips that you can use to make the sale. First, make sure you’re serious. Be sure to provide earnest money to the seller. This money will ensure that the buyer is serious about closing on the property. Second, make sure you’re willing to meet at the closing date.

Homeward is an agent-led company

If you’re looking for an easy way to get top dollar for your home, consider working with Homeward, an agent-led company that offers cash offers to buy houses. Homeward offers a guaranteed price for your home, and you can even get an approval within minutes. Its service fee is fixed at 1.90% of the price of the house, but you can pay more if you prefer to avoid commissions. Regardless, you’ll still get a fair price for your home.

Proof of funds

A letter stating that you have the necessary liquid assets is often acceptable proof of funds. A letter issued by your bank must be on letterhead and signed by an official of the institution. Your letter should indicate whether you own any liquid assets, such as cash. If you do not own any liquid assets, you must sell them to gain access to the funds. A recent bank statement may also serve as proof of funds.

Getting a mortgage contingency clause

Having a mortgage contingency clause is not only good for the buyer, but it can protect the seller as well. Not only does it protect you from losing your earnest money, but it takes the house off the market for at least a month, allowing you to compete with all-cash buyers. A mortgage contingency clause will protect you only if you communicate your lack of financing fast.

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