Is Home Light Legitimate?

Is Home Light Legitimate?

Is Home Light legit? This review examines the company’s claims about being a real estate brokerage. This company charges five to six percent of the selling price, which is split evenly between the buyer’s and seller’s agents. This amount works out to around $24,528 per listing. The company’s other features include free listing agent services and automated matching processes. However, I am concerned that some of its practices may make it harder for consumers to determine whether or not they are a legitimate investment.

Real estate brokerage

If you’re in the market for a new real estate agent, HomeLight may be the company for you. This online brokerage asks you questions about the type of home you’re looking for and when you want to sell it. Then, based on an algorithm, it will match you with the best agents in your area. HomeLight partners with over 2.5 million real estate agents and ranks them based on how many sales they’ve made, list price vs. sales, and more.

Automated matching process

In general, the automated matching process for Home Light agents is faster than competitors and involves zero human interaction. However, this reliance on technology can lead to technical glitches or low-quality matches. Other home-service companies use algorithms to inform their match, but hand-pick the best agents based on their own knowledge. This approach is not as convenient and time-consuming as it is with HomeLight, and may not work for all customers.

Fees charged to partner agents

Typically, HomeLight charges its partner real estate agents a referral fee of 25% of the total real estate commission. This means that HomeLight takes a fee of $2,500 out of a $10,000 commission. The company’s fees are a legitimate concern as the company only makes money when the agent closes a transaction. The fee can be significantly lower if the commission is less than four million dollars. It’s important to note, however, that HomeLight’s fees aren’t the only difference.

Claims to be a “Trade-In” program

The website claims to be a “Trade-in” program, but does it buy homes? The company isn’t Google owned, but it is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. It does offer the “HomeLight Simple Sale” service, which allows homeowners to sell their homes to cash buyers. This program isn’t a scam, however, as HomeLight will reimburse buyers for inspection costs.

Complaints from agents

HomeLight has received some negative press from real estate agents over the years. However, HomeLight’s service is largely positive and has a vast network of real estate agents. Some complaints, however, relate to the large volume of email communication generated by HomeLight. These emails can be difficult to unsubscribe from, which makes it hard for customers to opt out of them. Despite this, HomeLight is a legitimate real estate company and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, there are a few caveats that may cause customers to hesitate before choosing this company.

Reputation of company

Reviews of HomeLight are generally positive, and the company boasts an extensive agent network. There are some minor complaints, however, including difficulty in unsubscribing from emails. The company is legitimate and accredited with the Better Business Bureau. While it may not offer a discount rate for agents in your area, it is worth checking out to make sure it is right for your needs. Here are some ways to decide whether HomeLight is right for you.

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