What’s the Difference Between Selling My House For Sale by Owner Or With an Agent?

The first question that may arise in your mind is: Do I need a real estate agent to sell my house? Or can I sell it on my own? If you’re looking to sell your house on your own, you’ve probably heard of “for sale by owner.” Apparently, it’s an increasingly popular method of selling a home. By 2020, 7% of all homes will be sold by a person who doesn’t have a real estate agent.


Many homebuyers start their search for a new home online, and FSBO listings have seen a steady decline in recent years. However, if you’re not in a rush, consider attending open houses to get an idea of what your home is worth. An agent will protect you from mistakes you may make during the transaction by carrying the necessary insurance. Many FSBO sellers don’t even consider the market value of their home before listing it.

A common mistake sellers make when selling their home without an agent is not understanding how much value an agent can add. Most agents view FSBO sellers as natural negotiators who don’t need the help of an agent. Instead, they simply ignore them, ignoring their listings. A seller who plans to sell their home without an agent should consider the commission a broker would charge. A seller who needs to sell their home quickly should consider hiring a broker.

The commission a real estate agent charges is based on a percentage of the sale price. This is typically around 6% for Buyer and Seller Agents. Buyers’ agents often pay agents a commission on a FSBO home, so the buyer may be reluctant to purchase a FSBO property. A real estate agent will bring buyers to your home and choose a buyer that matches their criteria. By offering a competitive commission, you’ll likely be put at the top of the buyer’s list.

Real estate agent

Considering whether you want to sell your house for sale by owner or with an agent? You need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages before deciding. You can save a lot of money by selling your home on your own. Instead of paying a 5-7% commission, you will spend around two-thirds of that amount on a realtor. Aside from saving you money, selling your house for sale by owner can also be faster.

While selling your house on your own is definitely a risky endeavor, it is a way to save money. You’ll avoid paying commission fees to an agent and maximize your profits. You can also sell your house without paying an agent’s fees. Some homeowners may be considering selling their house by themselves due to a lack of time and money. Nevertheless, a real estate agent’s job is to take care of many other clients. Besides, you won’t be the only concern of the agent.

You may want to consider a flat-fee MLS. This option is an important one because it gets your house listed in the multiple-listing service (MLS). A real estate agent can spend several hundred dollars to list a home in the MLS. However, a flat-fee listing will also help your home appear online. MLS fees range from $300 to 800 dollars.

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