3 Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Fall

The Fall is a great time to list your home for sale. Not only are fall listings less competitive, they have more curb appeal than other seasons. Fall foliage adds beautiful curb appeal and attracts serious buyers. The cooler weather means that many buyers are less likely to buy in the summer, so your listing will have better visibility and appeal to buyers. Here are three reasons to sell your home in the Fall. You may even benefit from fewer listings during this time.

Fall listings are less crowded

The selling season is quieter during the fall. During spring and summer, home sales are at their highest. In the fall, fewer people are looking to buy a home, so the competition will be lower. Buyers who look for a new home during the fall months are generally more serious, and they might be moving because of a job relocation or a family situation. This means less competition for sellers and a better chance of selling your home.

Curb appeal can be affected by fall foliage. While beautiful, it’s also expensive to keep up with. Many buyers may be put off by the smell of cooking, so bake something delicious. Pumpkin or apple pie is a fall favorite, and it smells great! Besides baking, make sure your home smells good, too. A few cookies or a slice of pumpkin pie will help. In addition, a good-smelling home will attract more buyers.

Fall foliage gives curb appeal

Autumn brings crisp breezes, changing leaves, and the first flurries of snow. The first snowman on your front lawn, and warm cider on the porch, are all signs of fall in our yards. Fall-winter curb appeal is a hot topic among homeowners. There are many ways to make your yard look its best in the fall, from adding seasonal flowers to cleaning windows and pressure-washing your home’s exterior.

First impressions matter – first impressions are vital to selling your home. If your home lacks curb appeal, you may be missing out on potential buyers. Fall foliage makes for a soggy mess, and the leaves on deciduous trees can make the exterior look like a bear. In fact, the first impression is what entices a buyer to look further – or makes them run away! Most listings will include a front-facing shot of the house and the view from the exterior.

Fall buyers are more serious

When selling your home in the fall, sellers should expect more serious buyers than during other times of year. Many buyers postpone their search until after the holiday season, when the weather is less desirable and the school year begins. The best time to market your home is when buyers are more serious and motivated to buy. During the fall, you’ll be more likely to sell your home for the right price. Fall is also an ideal time to sell a home if you’re ready to move!

During the fall, housing inventory tends to be lower than in the spring and summer. Because fall buyers are more serious about buying a home, your house will sell faster. Many buyers are moving during this time because of job relocation or a change in their family’s situation. In some hotter real estate markets, seasonality might be less of a factor. Regardless, fall buyers are more serious when selling their homes in the fall than during other seasons.

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