7 Easy Ways to Boost the Value of Your Home Before Selling

Whether you plan to sell your home soon or not, there are many ways to boost its value. Consider redecorating some important rooms. Bathrooms and kitchens are two such rooms. While you don’t have to take the plunge and replace your entire floor and ceiling, you can at least update countertops and faucets. The rest of the house can remain largely unchanged. But it is better to give it a quick makeover before listing your home.


Before you list your home for sale, declutter the entire property. This will not only make your home appear bigger, but will also help you spot problems. Clutter hides problems in your home, such as mold or leaking pipes. Identifying these issues early on will allow you to focus on highlighting the best qualities of your home, and help you get a good selling price. Here are a few tips to declutter your home for sale.


One of the easiest ways to increase the resale value of your home is to paint it. Freshly painted walls attract buyers and can even increase the amount you receive. Paint the walls a neutral color and make the exterior look more inviting. The neutral color is also an excellent way to bring out the natural shades of materials on your home. Paint the trim work as well. Painting the exterior will also help attract buyers.

Replacing outdated light fixtures

Upgrading your home’s light fixtures is a relatively cheap way to increase its value. The amount you can gain by upgrading your lighting depends on how high-quality your fixtures are. Generally speaking, premium fixtures will yield a larger return on your investment. However, even a modest investment can add a substantial amount to your home’s resale value.

Taking down personal items

Depersonalizing a home is an essential step when selling a home. The removal of personal items can prevent potential buyers from feeling trespassed or conflicted. If potential buyers are disturbed by your belongings, they may not be willing to buy your home. In addition, removing personal items from the home will leave room for prospective buyers to move into the home. Having a depersonalized home helps you to focus on the next residence.

Taking care of repairs

Taking care of repairs to boost the value before selling your home is a great way to get more offers and attract a higher sale price. To know which repairs are most important, research your competition and decide which ones are not. Consult your selling agent for advice. In some cases, a home inspection may be necessary. Make sure that any repairs are done to the highest industry standards.

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