How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor

When selling a house for sale by owner, it’s tempting to skip paying commission to a real estate agent. However, the FSBO model is fraught with many problems. For one, FSBO sellers don’t have to market their house on the Internet or hire a lawyer. Moreover, they may find that the process entices investors and low-ballers.

FSBO sellers don’t have to pay Realtor commissions

FSBO, or for sale by owner, real estate sellers avoid paying Realtor commissions. This is because the buyers’ agent takes a percentage of the sales price of the home. Whether to offer a commission to the buyer’s agent or not depends on the market and the needs of the buyer. Realtors can bring buyers to your home and choose properties that fit those needs. However, you can set a competitive commission for your property and put yourself at the top of a buyer’s list.

They don’t have to hire a lawyer

Selling by owner is a smart way to sell a home, and a For Sale by Owner listing can help them get more cash. But they have to be smart and invest time in the process. Whether it’s listing on a for sale by owner website or utilizing an attorney, making sure everything is done correctly is important. Hiring an attorney for a For Sale by Owner listing is essential to getting the best possible price and smooth transaction.

They attract investors and low-ballers

For Sale by Owner houses are popular because they draw both low-ballers and investors. Low-ballers target sellers in need of fast cash, such as those with rental properties in bad condition. They make low-ball offers in the hopes that the sellers will drop the price to a mid-range value. These investors often pay close to nothing for a home and save the seller thousands of dollars, while the listing agent collects a commission.

They list their home on flat fee MLS

There are a few steps that sellers must take in order to make their listing look its best on a flat fee MLS. The first step is to upload high-quality photographs to the flat fee listing website. Most MLS’s allow a maximum of 25 photos, but make sure you check the rules of the particular MLS you are considering. Once you have uploaded the photos, the next step is to list your home on the flat fee MLS.

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