How to Stage Your Home to Sell

Here are some tips on How to Stage Your Home to Sell. First, make sure to have a focal point. It can be as simple as a window seat or a seating arrangement. Make sure to have an easy-to-navigate path, and avoid cramming furniture up against walls. Instead, try to create conversation areas and move large pieces of furniture around the perimeter. Those tips will help your home look its best when it is time to sell.


When decluttering your home to sell, focus on common areas, like the living room and master bedroom. If you have accumulated too much clutter in these rooms, you can donate or sell them. Otherwise, consider donating them. If you have too much furniture, you can also sell them or donate them. De-cluttering these rooms can take time, but it will be easier for you if you work room by room.

Renting furniture

Unlike buying furniture outright, staging your home is much cheaper. Renting furniture for staging your home for sale will give your home a new look for far less money. Unlike buying, staging furniture is available in different colors, styles, and sizes, and you can add complementary accessories, including artwork, lighting, and rugs. Rental furniture will also save you a considerable amount of time, and will increase the likelihood of your home selling quickly.

Reupholstering furniture

Reupholstering furniture is a great way to revive a tired piece of furniture, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as many people assume. You can even use a relatively inexpensive fabric to bring your old pieces back to life. You can also place a new rug on top of your old one. After all, a new rug will make the room look much larger than it actually is.

Painting walls

When painting the interior of your home to stage it for sale, the goal is to make potential buyers envision living there. For this, consider adding artwork to the walls. A buyer will have an easier time visualizing themselves living in the space if they see themselves hanging out there, rather than in a basement or attic. The best way to find a color that works well for your home is to test it first.

Adding art

When it comes to staging your home to sell, neutral decor is crucial. No abstract pieces, geometric shapes, or wacky colors should be featured in your living space. Avoid overly colorful works or any works with religious or political subject matter. Instead, select works that are calming, and hang them at eye level, about fifty-five to sixty inches off the floor. For best results, use pieces that are representative of your current style.

Adding personal touches

Whether you’re trying to sell your home quickly or you want to attract more potential buyers, adding personal touches to your home can help you attract more prospective buyers. For example, you can place fresh cut flowers on the dining room table, add a welcoming fire to the living room, or even swap out the artwork in your home. But remember, when staging your home for sale, it’s important to avoid adding too many personal touches. Buyers may not want to see a home they’re not comfortable with, so keep the colors neutral.

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