What’s the Best Way to Determine How Much My House Is Worth?

There are several ways to figure out how much your house is worth, from Comparative market analysis to Appraisal. You can also use the services of a real estate agent to get an accurate assessment. There are four main methods: online tools, real estate agents, and appraisals. All of them can be useful, but you must decide which method is right for you. To find out what your house is worth, you need to know the area value of your home, as well as the date it was bought and sold.

Comparative market analysis

Completing a comparative market analysis can save you money on the house hunt and earn you more money when selling your home. By doing your homework, you’ll have more information to work with when it comes time to negotiate a price. This article has been updated as of November 2018.

To do a CMA, find properties that have recently sold for more than what they listed for. These homes are typically similar to your own and might have been listed for less or more than you wanted. The price of these properties will vary if you choose an agent based on the lowest price. However, many agents will offer a free CMA. Knowing what to look for in an agent will help you choose one with the best market knowledge.


The first step in determining your home’s value is to find nearby comparable properties. Comps should be relatively recent and have the same features as your own home. The closer they are to your property, the more comparable the properties will be to yours. Use real estate websites to find comparable houses in your neighborhood. The more bedrooms, bathrooms, and other features your home has, the higher its value will be. The same goes for its exterior and landscaping.

Although an appraisal can be useful, it can also be expensive. If the appraised value of your home is significantly lower than the price you agreed to, you’ll end up paying more for your house than it is worth. Then, you may have to renegotiate the price to make up for the difference or find another lender. It’s important to remember that an appraisal is based on information and trends in the local market, so you should know exactly how much your home is worth before you sign the contract.

Online tools

A home value estimator is a handy tool for determining how much your house is worth. Using publicly available data, these tools crunch data using proprietary formulas to arrive at a value for a specific property. The information they use varies by neighborhood, number of bedrooms, and year built. Using an estimator is an ideal starting point for any home sale, and there are several free tools on the web to make the process as simple as possible.

While many sites offer an online tool to determine how much your house is worth, they often do not take into account a number of other factors, such as improvements made to the home, and the neighborhood. Home value estimators are useful for adjusting your listing price, but they do not account for some unique features of your house, such as landscaping, pools, and garages. Some of these tools are inaccurate, so be aware of this fact.

Real estate agent

There are several ways to determine how much your house is worth before you put it on the market. First, you should research comparable homes that have recently sold nearby. This way, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect when it comes to pricing and market dynamics. In addition, a good real estate agent can help you formulate an offer strategy that includes wiggle room.

When determining what your house is worth, you can use a free home valuation tool. While this can give you a rough idea, it’s impossible to be certain. A real estate agent can use their extensive database of recent sales to get a good estimate of how much your house is worth. In addition, a real estate agent can run a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home. This process compares similar properties sold within the last 90 days to help determine the true market value of your property.

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